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Customer Marketer Group Therapy - How to measure and report on more than your typical metrics - Speaker view
Stacie Chaney
Do you find that you have overlap regarding references with your pre-sales/commercial/“traditional” marketing teams?
Stacie Chaney
Yes :)
Heather Pritchett
How are you actually measuring the impact of the marketing activities by your advocates? Such as the usage of all the assets and activities you produce by marketing.
Stacie Chaney
Super helpful, thanks!
Andru Creighton
Sorry about that!!!
Heather Pritchett
One of out top goals is to support awareness growth efforts by using customer assets - anyone doing anything to track impact more broadly on something like awareness? (Driving traffic to the web site, higher social engagement, etc from customer assets)
Stacie Chaney
I second what you said Dana on the earlier pieces of the customer journey- our CM team focuses heavily on digital onboarding and adoption and we measure impact based on digital engagement as well as (since we’re a software company) product telemetry metrics like feature usage, monthly active users, etc. to then drive and impact renewal, expansion, etc.
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
Join CustomerX slack group - https://join.slack.com/t/customerxpro/shared_invite/zt-jx8giy35-EEWhY1F09Vkhqq4oGyf3zQ
Rebecca Grossman
How do you measure the specific activities you run for advocates? For example, we run webinars as one special benefit. We can say how many attended. But how do you tie that to business results? How do you know that it's worth your time to run the event like a webinar vs doing other things?
Hannah Lane
Do you have any recommendations on how to track all the activities an advocate has participated in, so that you don't burn them out with too many requests?
Hannah Lane
This has been great! Thank you
Heather Pritchett
Agree - thanks for all the insights! I have to go prep for another call. Thanks again!!
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
For everyone - If you could wave your magic wand, what would you really like to measure that doesn't seem possible to measure today?
Sana Farooq
awesome session! thank you!!
Carla Thomas
Great session, thank you!
Erin Cox
Thank you!!
Cathleen Wellbrock
Thank you all! great session!
Cathleen Wellbrock
really appreciate it!